Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Happy New Years! Argh, it's been too long since I last updated. I've been really busy with work and life has been rough lately, so... I haven't had the time to get much personal drawing done. But just recently I've started sketching again and was reminded what great joy it is to just draw for myself... I've missed that feeling. Of course, I also realized how rusty I've become without practice... (-__-);

Thank god for vacations! One of my New Years resolutions is to draw more and finish all the projects I've been putting off. And to update my blog and portfolio more often! ^__^

I'm going to Japan this March! Ah, my dream vacation!! I know it's so far away but I'm so excited! I have to brush up on my Japanese! Does anyone have any advice on the best places to buy manga, figures, anime, gashapon, etc. and places to eat? I've had a lot of great suggestions already, like Mandarake, Ghibli museum, Animate, Tora No Ana, Tokyuu Hands... any more suggestions? I'm making a list! Yeee!

Anyway, some quick bear sketches! I was trying to play with different styles...

More to come once I finish scanning!


Corrick said...

Nineteen Ways To Scare The Piss Outta Steven Colbert!

Your classic styles don't seem at all rusty, and the new eccentric ones are refreshingly different for you! Good job on that.

Meanwhile, I'll be sure to bug you about your resolutions. I have to make the same one in relation to my web comic. We'll be our own moral support. Though, I'll be doing it mostly in spite of you going to Japan without me. Ya'punk!

Coloribus said...

Great work, I like all these bears !
Happy new year :o)

Banewulfe said...

Coloribus - Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you too! I've added your blog link to my friends. ^_^

Cory - Thanks for your nice comments as always. I'm glad you find my new 'eccentric' stuff refreshing! As far as my classic styles, I feel somehow that my recent stuff lacks the passion that some of my older sketchbook stuff has shown (which hasn't been scanned yet). Although, I've been having a lot of fun playing with new styles.

Here, here! To moral support! ^__^ I'll be checking up on your comic as well! We need to prod Anton to get him to draw more...

Piya said...

Hey Genevieve! Great to hear from you again! Love your new stuff as always!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing more!!! And thanks for your comments. When I get approval from Genevieve Tsai, I know I'm doing something right!

Richard Gaines said...

Wow! Wonderful posts, Banewulfe!! Also thank you for the compliments on my work. Actually, I have to find a comic printing place like now so that I can have them ready for MegaCon in Orlando.

By the way, where's Wondercon?

Thanks a bunch!!!

StudioRisingStar said...

Hi Gen!
It's Brandon!
Wow you have a blog too!
I'll be watching you and ad your link to mine. It was great seeing you at wondercon!

-Brandon Robinson

Banewulfe said...

Richard - Oh wow, Megacon! Well I hope that maybe you'll sell them online, too; I'd love to buy an issue. Congratulations on finishing your comic! Wondercon is at the Moscone Center in San Francisco; I love going since it's like a smaller version of ComicCon!

Piya - Thanks for your sweet compliments. You are too kind!!

Brandon - Hey! Long time no see! I'm glad to see you have a sketchblog, too. I'll add your link to my Friends! Maybe I'll see you at Wondercon again this year?

Rodrigo Lara said...

Exellent art and drawings...Very good!!!!



Banewulfe said...

Thank you so much, Rodrigo! ^__^

celso Ds... said...

uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuu!!!!!!!! hi hi hi

Rodrigo Lara said...

Oh yes ... was visiting some blog ... through its links found, like many of the sketches ... then decided to leave a comment ... the work is really genial !!!!!!!

Thanks for visiting!!
Put a link on my blog for her that everyone here can know their work OK !!!!!!!

Banewulfe said...

Hi Rodrigo! Thank you for linking my blog. I've put your link on my blog too! ^__^

Hey Celso! Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I'll be able to post more tonight.