Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Art of War

One of my two thesis animations, The Art of War, is a short animated film involving Bane Wulfe and Fenrhis dueling to win over the heart of a girl, each equipped with a paintbrush that brings its artwork to life. This is a comedy based on a fantasy of mine that I've always had as a little kid. There is no dialogue, and it is set to Natalie MacMaster's energetic Celtic rendition of "The Beaumont Rag."


Corrick said...

AH, YES! THE CLASSICS! *adjusts his scholarly glasses and rubs his snobby nose*

I love this one.

Banewulfe said...

Hehehe!! Yes, I'll have to finish this one day! Thanks!! Are you guys still going to finish your Hookah webcomic and will we hear more from Dr. Fugue?

And might I add, your Asleep film was brilliantly executed, my dear. *looks at him over the rim of her glasses with a pursed-lip smile and then sips her snobby tea*

Corrick said...

The Hookah webcomic has been on hold indefinitely. Right now we are working on a much more serious short comic as well as some short films!