Thursday, July 16, 2009

Manty Hat

Hey Guys!

Be sure to come visit the Keno's Lair booth at this year's San Diego Comic Con in Small Press, table O13!

Jill Johnson is a wonderfully creative and talented co-worker of mine at EA; she is highly experienced at making custom adorable plushies and she's made some for many of my co-workers there.

And she made me my very own Manty hat--YEEEE!! I was so excited to see how awesome it turned out. I'm impressed at how close it came to my concepts (see below)! THANK YOU JILL!! YOU ROCK!

Manty is a character in the comic that you will be seeing more of in the next issue. Because Kayli is obsessed with riding a flying manta, Manty reluctantly becomes Kayli's pet of sorts... We've had many plans for him to act as comic relief in the webstrip but decided to give him a more significant role in the main comic.

Check out more on Manty here at our Official Islands in the Sky Blog! And now on to some photos!

His 3 tails are fully poseable and bendy!

D'awwww, how can you be mad at this face?


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Layingdown3d said...

wow i can see a comic about a girl and her sting ray. haha. she can use it as a pet and a weapons. sweet idea.