Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sleep Deprived

I haven't posted much new art in a while, but I will SOON... soon... XD And Wondercon is around the bend! April 2nd-4th this year, woo-hoo! We'll be at our usual booth, Keno's Lair/Islands in the Sky.

I've been working late at Sanzaru on a project I cannot speak of, but I promise very cool things when it's released. I am really tempted to post the work I've been so busy with, but all that will have to wait. ;)

Ugh, I think I'm finally reaching that age where I no longer get excited about my birthday because it means I'm growing one more year obsolete. I guess I'll start my day of gluttony by taking advantage of the system and using coupons to score free meals for breakfast, lunch, 2nd lunch, dessert, dinner, and 2nd dessert... O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

I've been up since 3am working on my Islands stuff, but taking occasional breaks to feed my daily addiction of Monster Hunter, while doing my usual scouring through Ebay, PlayAsia, Capcom JP, Cospa, and various other anime paraphernalia shops online.

I am planning another trip to Japan, this time just 10-days in September around Tokyo Game Show 2010. To be honest I'm more looking forward to spending most of my days in Akihabara once I arrive. I can't wait to once again take in the magical thrill of Akiba: the arcades, the manga/doujinshi/figure shops, gashapon machines, anime characters plastered everywhere, the Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter music playing in electronic stores... and everywhere in Japan, the unbelievably delectable desserts and REAL sushi/udon/ramen/takoyaki, etc!! Yes, maybe one day will be spent in Shibuya and perhaps one day in Tokyo DisneySea. Definitely two days in TGS. But mostly Akiba. (Ah, Heaven!!) And despite the fact that MH:Tri will be old news by then, I hope Capcom will still deck out their booth with juicy Monster Hunter stuff this year.

I swear I will buy out the entire Capcom store of MH merch until an alert pops up above me saying, "You can't carry any more items" or "Mega Potion keychains at max."


**UPDATE 10/27**
Back from Japan and wanted to share my Monster Hunter collection. ^___^
Check out the Capcom Unity site for more MH photos from my trip!


hamasuki said...

Hey Genevieve, how's it? I know you're sleep deprived and craving for a blue potion right about now but it'll all be worth it! My friend and her cosplay group are going to Wondercon so maybe you'll see them there. They were GI Joe last year in the masquerade, my friend's were Snake Eyes and Baroness! I wish I could go but I'll probably only go to Fanime this year. :( Have a great time and take lots of pics for us peeps who can't be there! Take care~

p.s. I wanna go to Akihabara!!!! I hope you enjoy your time when you go~_~

DEZ said...


I know you saw many faces at Wondercon, but my name is Destiny, and I really enjoyed your work. I promised to watch your blog and give you mine ( So, please follow me and keep in touch! My stuff is not quite as good as yours but.... Hopefully you will enjoy it anyway!

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

Genevieve Tsai said...

Hey Destiny!

Yes I definitely remember you! Thank you for visiting my blog and saying hello! I visited Stunt Gum and I really enjoy your style for the webcomic, you pull off the funny expressions really well and I like the character designs!

I followed you on Blogspot and look forward to seeing more! ^__^

Thanks again for dropping by our booth at WC! It was great to meet you!


Genevieve Tsai said...

Hey Hamasuki!

Thanks for the well wishes on WC! Joe and I had an exciting weekend and it felt very successful! Unfortunately we didn't get to catch your friends cosplaying as Snake Eyes and Baroness, but we do look forward to seeing you at Fanime in May! Joe took lots of pics and posted it up on the IITS blog. Thanks for checking up on mine as well! I will post up some commissions I did tonight.

RE: Akihabara: Thank you--I will definitely enjoy my time there! I think my head will esplode from otaku overload!! O__O <3 <3 <3