Friday, June 11, 2010

Disney's Tangled!!

Wow, I can't wait for Tangled to come out!! The animation is so top notch! And btw, does this not look like a 3D version of Gordo!? So cute! All his mannerisms and expressions and everything. Totally my kinda style!! I LOVE it and I'm so excited to see it! ^__^



Nadia said...

:o amazing indeed. I like what they did with rapunsel XD she's kick ass!

hamasuki said...

Word, this does look freakin' awesome! They hella stole Gordo from you guys!!! WTF!!!??? I agree though, the animation is so fluid and real looking. I don't know if you noticed this but it seems to have like a glow or certain softness about it that makes it unique? Looking forward to seeing this is the theater(as I don't see many animated movies in the theater anymore). Thanks for the share~

Chris B said...

Looool, total Gordo right there.
The animation and overall look is so fluid and stylish. The hair looks excellent and they capture the expressions very well. But it's Disney, so I don't expect any less from them.
Anyhow, it looks great. As does the Gordo rip. :P