Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates--for many months work and life kept me incredibly busy! I haven't had much time to tend to my own stuff while working in games, so I needed to take a break to take care of some personal work, see family, etc.

I'm very excited to have taken this huge step for my future (and peace of mind!). That means I'll probably be updating more often, I am expanding my portfolio towards feature animation/tv, and eventually, all those commissions some of you have been waiting on, will get done! ^__^; Also, though I am not tabling under Islands in the Sky for WonderCon, Fanime, or SDCC this year, I am planning to have my own booth at CTN Expo 2011!

Also, I will be participating in the Girls Drawin' Girls Vol. 4 Book! Check out the GDG blog!

My sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project will be on display June 18, 2011 at:

111 Minna Gallery

111 Minna Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

As always, it was so nice visit all the uber-talented artists at WonderCon this year! I'd like to give shoutouts to my friends Pascal Campion (who just recently reached his 2000th Daily Sketch!), Nidhi Chanani (see her recent interview on CNN!), Sean ''Cheeks" Galloway (check out his latest book "Cheeks:Freshly Squeezed" and his upcoming 2011 "Cheeks:Still Together" cover--it's SIIICK! He's currently taking pre-orders!), Ryan Benjamin, Fabian Molina (congrats for his successful new book "Animating in the Nude"!), Corinne Wong and Alan Lau at Ghostbot (who were donating 100% of their proceeds to help Japan!), Brianne Drouhard (check out her stunning "Billie the Unicorn" book!), Debbie Huey & Sherwin Viray (on their new Little Laura children's book!), Anthony HonHeather Dresbach, and Brendan Oshima ... all you guys helped make this year's WC memorable to me!

And to Mike who had guts enough to join me in cosplaying M.O.D.O.K. & M.O.D.A.M. which I made out of foam core, dismembered baby dolls and a cardboard bucket. XD

Ok, time for another Art Dump!
Some Daily Sketches!
I just came back from Tahoe!
Remembering how, as kids, even rain couldn't ruin a pool BBQ!
Inspired by a game I'm looking forward to...
Other work from my Sketchbook Project:
I love tea!
Dog sketches:

Finally I'd like to share with you a little web comic I'm working on (the comic is still in progress and has yet to be posted) called Monster Hunter Hunter, based on my favorite game, Monster Hunter! XD It was featured on the front of Capcom Unity!
Monster Hunter Hunter


Mike Crichlow said...

Wow! So much new artwork! ^_^ Love your stuff. Always a pleasure to see new stuff from you! :)

Ed S. said...

Good to see you back (from the brink!)... with art so gorgeous I want to f.... eat it!

David Smit said...

Great stuff! Always impressed by the fun and solid gestures your characters have! more more more more! (no pressure) ;)

Genevieve Tsai said...

Thank you so much, guys! I really appreciate your comments! ^___^

FifthFanZac said...

Your characters all have so much personality, they're interesting to look at and fun to think up how they would act.

I look forward to seeing your Monster Hunter comic, your Felyne way more charming then the game's version. I prefer cats that make noises once in a while, not the constant barrage we get from the games.

ANYways keep up the good work!