Friday, March 01, 2013

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Hey Guys!

Lots of updates lately, hehe! My friend Philippe hosts an awesome blog called Jazz and Draw, where he combines two of his passions--Jazz music and Illustration--into a huge online collection of talented artists sharing their Jazz-inspired 
artwork (or any inspiring piece of music by an obscure composer they'd like to highlight). To quote Phillipe, "The goal of the blog is to get everyone (me included) to discover new artists as well as new musicians, styles and/or albums." Check out the blog, also join them on Facebook!

He has so kindly approached me to participate on the blog and recently added a post with my sketch relating to John Coltrane's song, "Afro Blue." You can see the post HERE! ^__^
Thank you so much, Philippe!
~ ~ ~
This is a bit late (SO sorry, Lou!), but I just wanted to share: my friend at Illustration Pages was SO kind as to feature my work on his wonderful site HERE!! I can't thank him enough for such kind words! ^__^; Check out more at Lou Simeone's site, it's a fantastic resource for artists!
Also, you can now buy my For the Love of Lines sketchbook on Stuart Ng's site HERE! My friend Stuart has so kindly agreed to carry my books and I am ever grateful for his support!
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My talented friend Jenn is an acclaimed Baker Extraordinaire and Purveyor of Geeky Goodies, and for Christmas she surprised me with a gift box of these incredible homemade matcha and chocolate Hulk, Domokun and Santa Yoda cookies! They were absolutely AMAZING! Thank you so much, Jenn! They were so ridiculously delicious when I took one bite it made me want to HULK SMASH!! Visit Jenn’s site at  More Photos After the Jump!
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My friend Bill Robinson ( held a Kickstarter a while back for his beautiful new children’s book, Gwendolyn & the Underworld. He held a gallery in December showcasing some of his prints and original work from the book, and I was amazed when I saw these gorgeous pieces in person. Some of his prints were personalized with original doodles on the mat; some were meticulously crafted into a multi-layer, three-dimensional print. My photos don’t do his vibrant art justice, but as you can see Bill is incredibly talented, and if you are interested in buying any of his work, be sure to check out his Etsy page HEREMore Photos After the Jump!
JustJenn's Delicious Geeky Goodies!
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Bill Robinson's Gwendolyn & the Underworld Gallery


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Sparky said...

Mmmmm... cookies. Nice jazz sketch, the colors are striking and stand out. Conveys the title and mood well. Checked out Illustration Pages. Good site. Too bad it's closed, but I understand what it takes to maintain a web site. FlimFlammery is nice, a couple of prints stick out to me. Good stuff here. Thanks for this post.