Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dota 2 TI5 Merchandise: Microplush Series 3 & Techies "KaBoom!" Shirt!

I had the pleasure of designing the entire Series 3 of the Dota 2 Microplushies! Valve and WeLoveFine had asked me to do my own take on the plushie designs while still gelling with the style used in the previous series. (And you can bet I begged to do Timbersaw, but we're saving him for next time, hehe! ^_^)
My first concept, Juggernaut:




Queen of Pain (Replaced with Staglift Courier) 



Storm Spirit


Dark Seer
This new courier was originally concepted by Valve and
is meant to be the rare mystery plush which
you can also get in-game! I didn't know its name
at first so I just referred to it as "Steam Donkey" lol! 

I did concepts, designed turnarounds, and gave general art direction on materials and volumes, working with feedback from Valve and WLF. My designs were then passed to Alix "Arixystix," who did a lovely job translating my turnarounds into a plushie prototype, and those were later sent to a factory to be finalized. It's super neat to see my designs taken through each process, from sketch to a tangible, final plush! I particularly think they did a nice job translating Storm Spirit, Sven and Juggernaut, and even found that some of the simpler designs turned out great, like Necrophos and Dark Seer!

So if you're attending The Dota 2 International (TI5) this year (or have seen the catalog that was just posted yesterday), be sure to snag one of these Puppeys (oh ho-ho!) or at least check it out!

I also designed the actual Box Art which was pretty fun!

Also, I was really happy to see that my Techies "KaBoom!" shirt design made it in and is available for Pre-Order and pickup at TI5! Sign in on July 16th to put in your order, or if you can't make it to TI5, it will also be available on the WLF Dota 2 store after the event!


Personally I'm super excited to pick up those adorable DemiHeroes Series 2 figures (dat Bounty Hunter and Venomancer... *SQUEE!!*), the Hero Pins, Alchemist Plush Hat (omg, brilliant!!), and a handful of apparel made by other talented Workshop Artists (WudgieFudgie and Botjira to name a couple, but the list goes on!)

...and then of course, THIS!  XD

Check out the catalog for more info!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Party Animals!

Here's a fun lil’ piece I did for the Capcom Fighting Tribute artbook. If you’re going to SDCC this year, these prints will be available at the Lava Punch Booth #1635.

Be sure to check out the book at the UDON Booth #4529! From what I’ve seen so far there’s a ton of incredible submissions! Capcom Fighting Tribute will premiere with a limited-run convention edition hardcover at San Diego Comic-Con, July 9-12! http://www.udonentertainment.com/…/round-1-of-udons-san-die…
The standard edition of Capcom Fighting Tribute will be released September 2015. Links to pre-order the book at a variety of online retailers can be found here: http://www.udonentertainment.com/…/…/capcom-fighting-tribute
More SDCC announcements coming soon!  \( ゚▽゚)/

Friday, January 30, 2015

Process Work


Last year I took a CGMA class for The Art of Color and Light with Ty Carter and Ryan Lang, and they’re both not only phenomenal artists, but also inspiring and generous teachers, willing to share and take time to give us thorough feedback.
Throughout the latter half, I created a series of rough color studies based on my story about the adventures of a lady knight Astraea and her goblin squire, Fyzzleglitch (which is also my goblin’s name in WoW, haha).
I’m not that happy with my draftsmanship in some of these, and you can tell I was still struggling with my colors and lighting. I definitely want to redo the Town scene where Fyzzleglitch is being ridiculed on his Shetland pony—I think a different composition and lighting scheme would work. As you can see I tried lots of different layout thumbnails.
The Techies VS Jakiro piece actually started as a sketch where Lady Astraea and Fyzzleglitch took an Orc prisoner and were being pursued by a dragon. Eventually I simplified that composition to just Astraea and Fyzzleglitch.
And then came this wild notion to create an in-game loading screen for Dota 2. I got really excited about that idea and replaced the main characters with Goblin Techies while the dragon was to become either Dragon Knight or Jakiro. But I chose Jakiro since a two-headed dragon would be more interesting design-wise.
I wanted to redesign Jakiro and Techies a bit to make it more of my own style and how I imagined them in my mind.
I’ve learned a lot from this piece… but I couldn’t have done it without the kindness of my friends to help critique my work and give me feedback.They are all incredible artists and generous human beings who have personally inspired me. I want to share their work with you guys. GO FOLLOW THEM THEY ARE SO AWESOME:

Ty Carter Tumblr||Facebook
Ryan Lang
John Polidora Tumblr
Laurel D. Austin Website
Doug A. Gregory Website
Steph Dere Tumblr

Thanks everyone, happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Techies VS Jakiro: New *BOOM!* Festival

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been updating in a while but I hope you all are enjoying the new year so far! I wanted to share my submission for New Bloom 2015—lovingly dubbed “Techies VS Jakiro: New *BOOM* Festival”!

I’m hoping this will be accepted as a 16:9 Dota 2 Loading Screen: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=375021327

UPDATE!! You can now get this as a poster-sized Art Print through WeLoveFine! :D

I owe a huge thank you to my friends who’ve given me incredibly helpful feedback on this piece, as well as to those who’ve favorited, voted for, and shared my work—to all of you, I’m SO grateful for your support, it really means a ton!! 

I wanted this scene to evoke a feeling of fun, high-tailed adventure that a lot of 80’s movie chase scenes do so well—like in Goonies or Indiana Jones or many early Disney or Don Bluth animated films—I hoped to convey a bit of silliness mixed in with serious danger. I’ll most more details behind this piece later. Plus, Techies have some great personality in their voices and their model; they’re very cartoony, which I always enjoy. (Plus, my little obsession over Timbersaw has branched out to being partial to all goblins in general! XD)

And for those who haven’t yet, please take a peek in the Steam Workshop above when you have a chance and vote for which version you’d like to see happen (or both!). ^__^

Thanks again!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Google Doodle

Here's a fun experimental interactive comic I created in Google Doodle form! This was loosely inspired by my love for point & click/text adventure games and the Choose Your Own Adventure books I read as a kid. I wanted to take a medieval fantasy theme and throw in a bit of humor and other things I enjoy, like dungeon crawlers, goblins, quests, and mythical creatures. The ending is a bit random (and lacking) I must admit, but I wanted to finish this in two weeks, from concept to finish.

I did the storyboards, all the art, design, animation, and transitions, while my friend, Jay Lim, scripted it in Flash. I was also planning to have a mini-game planned as sort of an 'Easter Egg' at the end, which my other friend Jeff Bird coded, but I decided to keep it simple and focus on the main comic.

Click on the green arrow to begin the Flash video (it has music, too!). The song is by one of my favorite Cape Breton fiddlers, Natalie MacMaster, called "E Flat Set," which I shortened for the project:
Process Sketches & Flow:
This crude color script below documents my entire thought process (which doesn’t always come in order) for the comic. The notes scribbled in are thoughts on how the scene should integrate and transition to the next, as well as ideas for FX, mood, color, and animation.
Variations on the main splash design:
Frames from the final comic:
Main Logo:
Hope you enjoy! ^__^

Team Fortress 2 "Pyrodouken!" Tees NOW AVAILABLE in the WeLoveFine Store!

Congratulations to ALL the winners of the Team Fortress 2 Design Contest!

Humongous thank you's go out to WeLoveFine.com, ThinkGeek, and HotTopic for choosing my design as one of the winners--I am SO excited and grateful! And a great BIG THANKS to everyone who voted for my design on Steam! The amount of support you all gave to me was AMAZING, so THANK YOU for helping to make this happen!!

You can now get your own Pyrodouken! shirt on the Official WeLoveFine Store in both versions:
And Click here to see ALL of my WLF Designs!
Thanks so much everyone! ^___^

Friday, November 21, 2014

Come Say Hello @ CTN Expo 2014 - T-72

Hey Guys!

Whew! I've been so busy this year, I can't believe it's already nearing the end of November! If you're going to CTN Expo Nov 21st -23rd, come swing by T-72 in HALL A and say hello! ^__^
Here's a little WIP preview of a new piece I've been working on! And yes, it involves MOAR GOBLINS! (Have you noticed a trend? Hehe ^_^;) Goblin Techies, to be exact, haplessly being chased by Jakiro. This is my interpretation of the characters so you'll notice I changed up their design a bit... I'll explain more in a longer post later!

Speaking of DOTA 2, WeLoveFine.com is having a huge DOTA 2 Sale next week, November 24th - 27th!! So if you wanna snag some sweet, sweet swag, check out their site! More info below:

All four days (11/24-11/27): ALL DOTA 2 shirts are 15% off! 
Monday and Tuesday (11/24-11/25: all DOTA 2 plush are 20% off!
Tuesday and Wednesday (11/25-11/26): DOTA 2 mini heroes are buy 4, get 1 free!
Wednesday and Thursday (11/26-11/27): all DOTA 2 accessories are on sale! 10%-20% off!

Please visit my official WeLoveFine Artist Page where you can find all of my DOTA 2 Tees (plus more exciting new stuff coming soon!!) if you haven't picked one up! :D

Thanks a bunch, everyone! Hope to see you at CTN! ^__^

Monday, September 29, 2014

TF2: BONK! Ad Feat. Miss Pauling :: Some Dota 2 Silliness

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Just finished a couple designs for the TF2 Merch Workshop! These are some BONK! Ads featuring Miss Pauling with a pinup flair! I'm hoping that with enough votes on Steam we'll be able to get these made as tees for Men and Women, as well as posters, in both RED and BLU versions!
Many folks were interested in wallpapers and sprays, so I've taken some time to make a few sizes for you guys! Thanks so much for the support and feedback!



Please vote on my design on Steam if you'd like to see these as merch items!

Thanks so much, everyone!! ^__^
~   ~   ~
Some Dota 2 silliness! XD

RYLAI uses FROSTBITE. It’s super effective!
Rizzrack: “Malfunction…?”
Squee: “Uh oh…”

This is for the "Radiant VS Dire Chili Cookoff" hosted by the amazing Steam Workshop duo, Chemical Alia and Drysocket! Ok… this picture direly lacks Dire. And why does Timbersaw have a spork and a knife, you may ask? He’s after that huge cauldron of chili that the Techies have run off with, but Crystal Maiden—thinking this is a CHILLY cookoff (#hohoho #thatwasakneeslapper #rylaiplzno)—has frozen them in their tracks! The goblin trio is about to go out with a KABAM. Do you think, after eating all that chili, the Techies will have -explosive- diarrhea? I’M SORRY. I’m sorry, I’ll stop.

Silly Rizz! You don’t eat chili with a kni—