Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Book! "For the LOLz" @ San Diego Comic Con 2014

Hey Guys!! I'm happy to announce I'll be exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con 2014 JULY 23-27, 2014 with my brand new book, For the LOLz! Plus, lots of new prints and fun stuff! Come visit me and say hello at Exhibitor Booth B-07, in the upper end of Hall A (near the Nintendo, Ubisoft and Namco booths)! See map below!

Here are some photos of my new sketchbook, a random collection of all the fun stuff I've been working on since my last book! I'll have these and more prints in my Etsy Store after the convention as well!

Also, for all you DOTA 2 fans, hope you enjoyed The International 2014! I'm happy to announce that WeLoveFine is now featuring ALL 3 of my t-shirt designs and they're on sale now!! Please click the Direct Link below to visit WeLoveFine.com and check 'em out! ^__^
Enjoy and hope to see you guys there!

Friday, July 04, 2014

Dota 2 TI4

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who voted and spread the word about my Timbersaw designs for the Dota 2 International on Steam!! Your support helped my design get chosen to be sold at TI4 on July 18-21, 2014, but for those who can't make it, the shirt is now available in the WeLoveFine shop (see link below)! I'm SOO excited, thank you again for your help, everyone!!
Here's the link for the Timbersaw Shirt on WeLoveFine!
Each shirt comes with a Sculptor's Monument Digital Unlock!

Dota 2 TI4 Info (scroll down to download the merchandise catalog!): http://www.dota2.com/international/overview/
I'll have some news for San Diego Comic Con 2014 soon!