Monday, December 06, 2010

CTN Expo 2010

CTN Expo was a wonderful experience for me and I learned so much more there than at any comic convention I had ever been to! I was fortunate to get to speak to a handful of artists I've admired for many years who've worked on some of my favorite films!

I loved catching all the making-of panels that involved the character design and animation process behind movies such as MegamindTangled and Despicable Me. I learned so much at Armand Serrano's "Power of Thumbnails" panel, and spoke with vizdev artists/art directors from Sony Animation (Armand Serrano, Luc Desmarchelier, James Williams) and Disney Animation (James Finch), who generously gave me positive and honest feedback on my work, which was extremely encouraging and helpful to me! ^__^ And to top things off at the very end of the convention, I even got to attend a special early screening of Tangled at Walt Disney Studios--such an amazingly beautiful film, and now one of my favorite movies, to date!

I was so excited to see many of my incredibly talented friends around the booths: Pascal Campion, Nidhi Chanani, Craig HarrisTuna BoraMichael BuffingtonScott WatanabeBill Robinson, EunJung June Kim, and Brenden Oshima! And I was really happy to bump into Sherrie Sinclair, my dear mentor, instructor and Director of Animation at the Academy of Art!!

To all my friends at CTN, it was wonderful and inspiring to see you all again! Thank you for all your help, kindness and support! ^___^