Monday, December 06, 2010

CTN Expo 2010

CTN Expo was a wonderful experience for me and I learned so much more there than at any comic convention I had ever been to! I was fortunate to get to speak to a handful of artists I've admired for many years who've worked on some of my favorite films!

I loved catching all the making-of panels that involved the character design and animation process behind movies such as MegamindTangled and Despicable Me. I learned so much at Armand Serrano's "Power of Thumbnails" panel, and spoke with vizdev artists/art directors from Sony Animation (Armand Serrano, Luc Desmarchelier, James Williams) and Disney Animation (James Finch), who generously gave me positive and honest feedback on my work, which was extremely encouraging and helpful to me! ^__^ And to top things off at the very end of the convention, I even got to attend a special early screening of Tangled at Walt Disney Studios--such an amazingly beautiful film, and now one of my favorite movies, to date!

I was so excited to see many of my incredibly talented friends around the booths: Pascal Campion, Nidhi Chanani, Craig HarrisTuna BoraMichael BuffingtonScott WatanabeBill Robinson, EunJung June Kim, and Brenden Oshima! And I was really happy to bump into Sherrie Sinclair, my dear mentor, instructor and Director of Animation at the Academy of Art!!

To all my friends at CTN, it was wonderful and inspiring to see you all again! Thank you for all your help, kindness and support! ^___^


Friday, November 05, 2010

Final Purrcasso Piece 2010

I've finished my second piece for Purrcasso 2010. This one is called "Rescue Party." It actually stemmed from a sketch idea I had that illustrates the caption, "Where did you last see it?" In the original idea I imagined a little girl looking for her cat and a team of firefighters were searching through ridiculous places; unbeknownst to them, the "cat" is actually a giant monster hidden in the tree one of them is climbing. The idea evolved from a team of firefighters to the girl dressed as a fireman ordering a bunch of animals trying (and failing) to climb a tree. My friend asked, "But dogs can't climb trees... what if you had them form a ladder to the top?" And this is what I came up with!

This next one was just for fun. I'm sure as a kid we've all stared into the deep water while on a boat and imagined those shadows we saw were some enormous sea creature underneath...

I'll be attending the gala this weekend! For more information go to: and read more below!

Please join us Saturday night for a silent auction and art sale, complete with live music, entertainment, and mingling with artists.
On Sunday, we will be offering lots of fabulous handmade crafts for pets and pet lovers in addition to beautiful art featuring cats and dogs.
Special thanks to our sponsors Wareham Development, KDFC FM 102.1, and the BEBHS Feline Angels.
November 6-7, 2010
Saturday 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Sunday 12-4 p.m.
At the old Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory
914 Heinz Avenue
Berkeley, California 94710
Learn more at

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween! Purrcasso, Commission List & Other Updates...

Hey Guys!

Wow, this blog has been kinda neglected, hasn't it... Sorry about that! Here's a little sketch I did during APE 2010. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by our "Islands in the Sky" booth this year!


Here is a piece I donated for Purrcasso, a silent auction gallery to raise money for the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society.

"Calico's Hunt"

Information about Purrcasso!
The fifth annual Purrcasso will take place Saturday, November 6th and Sunday, November 7th, 2010.
Please join us Saturday night for a silent auction and art sale, complete with live music, entertainment, and mingling with artists.
On Sunday, we will be offering lots of fabulous handmade crafts for pets and pet lovers in addition to beautiful art featuring cats and dogs.
2865 Seventh Street (at Heinz)
Berkeley, CA

A little piece called "Lagoon" that I sketched up while learning watercolors:


Commissions in Progress!!

I greatly apologize for the huge delays in getting all your commissions done and/or mailed out! m(-_-)m Please try to bear with me a little longer as things have been crazy hectic for me lately but please know I haven't forgotten about you!! I've decided to make this list (in no particular order) and once I send a piece out, I will keep you guys updated! ^__^; That said, for anyone else inquiring about future commissions, I won't be taking any more until I've assured that every person on this list gets their commission!

Tony G. - Done & Sent
Robert J. - Done & Sent
Juan R. - Done & Sent
Ryan S. - Done & Sent
Mike V. - Done & Sent
Toby - In Progress
Mike U. - In Progress
Rich - In Progress
Stephen - In Queue
Kiyoshi - In Queue
Tu - In Queue
Alex - In Queue
Evon - In Queue
Norm - In Queue

Quick Sketch at the Foster City Dog Park. More of these soon!

Some storytelling exercises...


Here is a sketch about getting ready in the morning:

 This one's about a cocktail party; the caption is: "You're a pig!"

"Backseat Gamer." The guy is lazily using a candy bar to mimic a Wii-mote to explain how to beat a level in the game.

Watching the giant wood grubs episode of "Man VS Wild" does not mix well with dinner!

 "Weiner Dog Envy" Haha!

I may use this idea for my new portfolio website:

I don't think I've shared this yet, but it is a collection of MySims Sky Heroes concept art for the game that just released recently.

And some Morgan art from MySims Agents 2, a sequel that was never released.

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mai, Oh Mai!

Hey Guys!

Here is an 11x17" commission I finished recently of Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters. I decided to do the latest version of Mai's outfit from the upcoming KoF XIII. I was almost about to put a Gen-An Shiranui chibi on her fan as an inside joke, hehe!

I'm also working on a digitally painted version; I'll keep you updated! ^__^



Friday, June 11, 2010

Disney's Tangled!!

Wow, I can't wait for Tangled to come out!! The animation is so top notch! And btw, does this not look like a 3D version of Gordo!? So cute! All his mannerisms and expressions and everything. Totally my kinda style!! I LOVE it and I'm so excited to see it! ^__^


Girls Drawin' Girls

Hey Guys!

I was very pleased to see that a couple days ago the Girls Drawin' Girls blog posted up an Artist Spotlight for me on their site here!! Yaay! ^__^


Fanime 2010

Hey guys!

Thanks for stopping by our booth at Fanime! I always have such a fun time; it's one of my three favorite conventions (the other two being San Diego Comic Con and Wondercon). I swore I wouldn't buy much in the Dealer's Room this year but I caved in when I saw some rare Gurren Lagann figures I had to get--most notably, the 14.5" Giga Drill Gurren Lagann statue!

I wanted to thank Stephen immensely for giving me this kick-ass Hiyori statue I've always wanted, as well as Byron for giving me the rare Genshiken gashapon I needed to complete my set (he gave me Ohno and Tanaka, as well as an uncolored version of a sexy Ohno!). And my friend Evon, for the Samurai Champloo wallscroll which is now hanging on my kitchen wall. ^__^

I love visiting my friends at the Artist's Alley booths, and meeting new ones who both table and come by our IITS booth! I got to try out my friend Alex's latest version of the Skullgirls game and it was pure awesome! I love the design of the moves, and the animation and response time was very smooth.

I played some Super Street Fighter 4, Deathsmiles and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift while I was there. The arcades were packed 24 hours a day, and I mostly pumped coins into Street Fighter so long as my adrenaline fueled my furious rage for vengeance!! I even got to chat with Reuben Langdon, who was practicing for the tournament the next morning and of course, playing as the character he voiced, Ken Masters! The next day I got to match my Blanka against him in the tournament. He actually remembered me, which was so cool of him. "I remember you... from last night," he joked to the audience. "We had an intimate encounter at the arcades." LOL! ^__^

I am going to try and put together another cosplay costume for next year--Mike and I are planning on doing Monster Hunter. I'm trying to research the best way to do the armor, which is pretty complex. I'm really excited about it though!

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much art lately... I've been so busy working on numerous projects that haven't been released yet and I'm unable to post my art from them. It's really a bummer to wait! =P

I guess that means I need to do more stuff for myself instead of companies, right? I miss drawing just for myself!

On another note, remember that Midna/Link fan art I did for Alex? I found this rough thumbnail of the pic and it made me smile. *Sniff sniff!* XD

More later!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Thanks for visiting at Wondercon 2010!

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all those who visited our booth this year at Wondercon 2010! Joe and I both feel that the show was a huge success and we got to meet many friends old and new. Thanks everyone, for coming back to visit us and telling your friends about the book, we truly appreciate it and love hearing what you thought about Islands in the Sky!! ^__^

It was crazy busy at our table--especially Saturday!--which left us exhausted but happy and excited nonetheless! I'm glad I got a chance to run through the show for an hour Sunday morning to see everything, and at least visit all my friends at their own booths. I got to meet lots of new friends and people with phenomenal talent! The show always leaves me so inspired!!

At a couple rows up from our table at Small Press, I got to chat with two amazing gals from my fellow Girls Drawing Girls group: Karen Krajenbrink and Brittney Lee; and tabling across from us, Becky Dreistadt of Tiny Kitten Teeth.

I had a wonderful time doing commissions and wanted to share a few that I got a chance to scan or snap a photo of. I didn't get shots of all of them, unfortunately, and some of yours are even in the works, as I had to take them home to finish! Although I got booked up with requests, I really wish I could have done one for everyone who asked. However, we will be at Fanime this May, and I'll be able to take more of everyone's commissions then! Thanks so much for your patience with me! ^__^

As always, I am working really hard to get more IITS stuff out for the upcoming shows. I hope to show you guys soon!
This was for a collection themed "Headphone Girls."

Also, props to this adorable little girl, Stella Koslowski, selling her drawings for $1-$2 at a table in Artist's Alley. I saw her pic of a Liger and had to buy it! She also offered free Peeps for every purchase; how could I pass up such a deal? XD

PS: I just want to give a shout out to my friends, Sherwin Viray, Anthony Hon, Kelly and Vince Riley, Michael Mallari, Jody Wilson, Michael J. Buffington, Isaac Davis, James Munroe, Sandie Chun, Eli Robles, Gari Chu, Paul Sullivan, Robert Welsh, James Hamilton, David "Kid Kobun" Bruno, Nat Loh, Fabian Molina, Guillermo Martinez, Sean, Mark, Richard, Marika, Emily (creator of Otherkinds), Manuel (creator of Fearless Zombie Hunters), Kuroyanagi Tatsuya, Oliver Sin, Chris Beanes and Briana Travis, Hamasuki, and Llyn Hunter from Bobcat Publishing, for your exceptional support! Oh, and of course, Joseph Wong; IITS couldn't have happened without you! ^__^