Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sly 4 Bath House, Dragons, Flash Bumpers, Rioichi

Yep. More Sly stuff! Also posted on my Tumblr. ^__^
These top two concepts show an idea of what could be the gameplay flow of the bath house, and how Sly could sneak about along the pipes and ceiling fans to get around the guards. My favorite thing when drawing these concepts was showing all the fun expressions and things each boar guard was doing (and drawing all those funny butts lol). XD
 Various shapes of fire-breathing Dragon Statue concepts.


 “Bentley… you owe me BIG time for this one…” LOL! Just wanted to share my concepts for Carmelita’s Belly Dancer outfit.

I wanna give a huge shout out to my friends at Ghostbot; their animators did an amazing, kickass job with the Flash cutscenes, it’s by far one of the coolest things to look forward to in the Sly 4 game, IMHO! I worked on many of the character model sheets/turnarounds and backgrounds for the Flash cinematics, translating and redesigning the characters into a more comic book, 2D cel-shaded style. I also designed a young version of Salim at one point!

These boards I did were originally going to be a tutorial for setting up the remote for PS Move at the beginning of the Sly Collection Minigames. He’s so happy! XD~~~
Here’s a fun (and weird) one! In the Japan level Sushi House, you can find these various banners and murals hanging on the walls and structures. Because they were just background pieces that might not be noticed at first glance, I had the freedom to play with the story a little. ^__^ I wanted to tell a silly, random story of how Rioichi started his sushi house (read left to right, top to bottom).

1. Rioichi was on a fishing trip one day and caught a giant, ferocious Great White shark.
2. He was about to kill the shark but it pleaded for its life.
3. That’s when Rioichi noticed a mysterious mark of the Cooper Clan on the shark’s chest (perhaps he was a fan? ;P).
4. Rioichi spared his life and in return the shark swore loyalty to Rioichi and served as his mount at war.
5. They were victorious together and were graciously rewarded by the Emperor.
6. As years passed, the shark grew too old to fight, and knowing of Rioichi’s dreams to begin a sushi house, the shark asked Rioichi to honorably sacrifice his fishy friend and use him to start his sushi restaurant. (He even drew dotted lines on where to cut the choice meats.)
7. At the shark’s funeral it was a bittersweet end; Rioichi wept for his friend, but he also produced the finest, sweetest, most succulent Great White Shark sashimi.
8. Rioichi builds his famous sushi house. Now he’s BALLER. THE END.~~~
A Rioichi wanted poster (for assisted suicide? LOL). You can find this poster stuck on the posts of the sushi house.

Some statues you can find in the Japan level.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sly 4: Brave Sir Robin!

Before there was Sir Galleth, there was Sir Robin. These are the original banners I did for the circus tent before the character was changed to Sir Galleth. The story behind this was that Sir Robin was held prisoner and is forced to go through horrible circus acts as torture. I wanted to give these banners a dark, humorous spin on family-friendly entertainment ads.

I’ve shared a large, detailed shot of the bottom concept so you can see the silly-yet-hellish living quarters Robin was confined to and how pathetic and miserable he was. Let us laugh at his plight! XD~Genevieve

Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time

Hey Guys!
I've been so busy with work and moving and all this house stuff that I hadn't had a chance to make this huge update. I worked on Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time back in the Sanzaru days and it finally released Feb 5th! This is a late update but I just wanted to share some Carmelita concepts I did. The direction was to “age her up” and make the game for older, adult audiences.
Some Dimitri concepts for Sly Cooper 4! I had a lot of fun redesigning him and exploring the possibilities. I was really happy that a lot of my updates to his original look were approved!
There are a ton more concepts I did that I want to share so I'll post little by little. To give you an idea of all the details we went into the game, here are some fish concepts I did that you may able to find swimming around in the fishing caves!
More to come soon!! ^___^