Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some League of Legends Fanart to Start the New Year!

Happy New Year's, everyone!

I am very excited to share some projects I've been working on in the past year. I have had the immense honor of working on some Riot-sponsored fanart for the game "League of Legends." I was asked to depict the Champions in my own style, but more importantly, the illustrations would take a different approach to introducing the Champions than their current splash screens by having the characters interact and show more of their back story and personality. I had a ton of fun working on these!

Warwick and Soraka
I wanted to show a lighthearted take on the relationship between the celestial Soraka and Warwick, who devised an elaborate scheme to deceive and cut out her heart, in order to obtain a formula that would grant him incredible strength. (Technically, he wasn't a werewolf at the time he was carrying out his plan, but I thought it'd be more fun to draw him in this form.)

Twitch's Pool Party
Twitch was one of the first Champions I played and I always thought he was funny. In my early sketches I wanted to do a scene with Twitch bathing in the sewers, or the horrified reaction of his friends as he's about to jump into a pool with them.

Vi and Caitlyn
After trying out a few humorous images that involved the ex-criminal Vi and her now crime fighting comrade, Caitlyn, I settled on a simple arm-wrestling scene on a barrel of Gragas’s ale, throwing in her personal taunt to Caitlyn, using the teacup: “Care for a spot of tea? Or maybe a spot of punch in the face!

Rumble, Teemo and Tristy
I titled this "Love and War" as I wanted to play on the (sort of) love triangle between Rumble, Tristy and Teemo; Teemo had given Tristy a personalized cupcake (Yordles can’t resist cupcakes…) while Rumble had carved their names into a tree... the two fight for Tristy's love while she looks on.

Renekton and Nasus
Nasus was another one of my favorite Champions. Although I didn't end up finalizing these, I played with a number of lighthearted ideas involving Nasus's early days putting up with his brother, Renekton, in the Great Library.

Ziggs & Heimerdinger
Here I wanted to tell Ziggs' backstory on how he used his Hexplosives to blow up the prison cell and free the professors of the Yordle Academy of Science & Progress. Heimerdinger, one of the captives, was eternally grateful and finally gave Ziggs the recognition he deserved and craved.

Blitzcrank and the Yordles
Someday I want to finish this one... I really liked Blitzcrank's alternate skin, Piltover Blitzcrank, and wanted to draw Heimerdinger and Corky modding Blitzcrank in their Piltover Customs shop.
Hope you guys enjoy! I’ll be updating with more images tomorrow. ^__^ See you next year!!