Friday, January 30, 2015

Process Work


Last year I took a CGMA class for The Art of Color and Light with Ty Carter and Ryan Lang, and they’re both not only phenomenal artists, but also inspiring and generous teachers, willing to share and take time to give us thorough feedback.
Throughout the latter half, I created a series of rough color studies based on my story about the adventures of a lady knight Astraea and her goblin squire, Fyzzleglitch (which is also my goblin’s name in WoW, haha).
I’m not that happy with my draftsmanship in some of these, and you can tell I was still struggling with my colors and lighting. I definitely want to redo the Town scene where Fyzzleglitch is being ridiculed on his Shetland pony—I think a different composition and lighting scheme would work. As you can see I tried lots of different layout thumbnails.
The Techies VS Jakiro piece actually started as a sketch where Lady Astraea and Fyzzleglitch took an Orc prisoner and were being pursued by a dragon. Eventually I simplified that composition to just Astraea and Fyzzleglitch.
And then came this wild notion to create an in-game loading screen for Dota 2. I got really excited about that idea and replaced the main characters with Goblin Techies while the dragon was to become either Dragon Knight or Jakiro. But I chose Jakiro since a two-headed dragon would be more interesting design-wise.
I wanted to redesign Jakiro and Techies a bit to make it more of my own style and how I imagined them in my mind.
I’ve learned a lot from this piece… but I couldn’t have done it without the kindness of my friends to help critique my work and give me feedback.They are all incredible artists and generous human beings who have personally inspired me. I want to share their work with you guys. GO FOLLOW THEM THEY ARE SO AWESOME:

Ty Carter Tumblr||Facebook
Ryan Lang
John Polidora Tumblr
Laurel D. Austin Website
Doug A. Gregory Website
Steph Dere Tumblr

Thanks everyone, happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Techies VS Jakiro: New *BOOM!* Festival

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been updating in a while but I hope you all are enjoying the new year so far! I wanted to share my submission for New Bloom 2015—lovingly dubbed “Techies VS Jakiro: New *BOOM* Festival”!

I’m hoping this will be accepted as a 16:9 Dota 2 Loading Screen:

UPDATE!! You can now get this as a poster-sized Art Print through WeLoveFine! :D

I owe a huge thank you to my friends who’ve given me incredibly helpful feedback on this piece, as well as to those who’ve favorited, voted for, and shared my work—to all of you, I’m SO grateful for your support, it really means a ton!! 

I wanted this scene to evoke a feeling of fun, high-tailed adventure that a lot of 80’s movie chase scenes do so well—like in Goonies or Indiana Jones or many early Disney or Don Bluth animated films—I hoped to convey a bit of silliness mixed in with serious danger. I’ll most more details behind this piece later. Plus, Techies have some great personality in their voices and their model; they’re very cartoony, which I always enjoy. (Plus, my little obsession over Timbersaw has branched out to being partial to all goblins in general! XD)

And for those who haven’t yet, please take a peek in the Steam Workshop above when you have a chance and vote for which version you’d like to see happen (or both!). ^__^

Thanks again!