Saturday, October 01, 2011


Hey Guys!

Sorry about the lack of updates! I've been so busy with many big projects while simultaneously working at Zynga, so my schedule has been swamped for months. But though work's been busy, it's also been a blast so far, and I especially love all the fun and talented folks I get to work with everyday! Recently my friends Pascal Campion and Glenn Kim visited Zynga to have lunch with me and my buddies, Steph and Heather, and we had such a great time! Can't wait till next time when we'll all get to visit their studio!

"I wish they all could be California Girls..."

And for more great news, my friend and awesome Game Designer Jason Weezner was kind enough to let me use his booth for APE this year (he is working on a graphic novel of his own, so stay tuned!). So I will be at APE this weekend October 1-2 @ Booth #561, sharing with two very amiable, down-to-earth-cool and creatively talented friends of mine, Glenn Kim and Chris Frye!

Chris was previously a Production Manager at Fox, Effects Artist for Dreamworks, and Overseas Supervisor at HBO. He will be promoting his company, Musa Entertainment, so keep an eye out for the Musa banner with beautiful art by Glenn! Glenn is an amazing artist whose skills range from visual development for characters and environments, to even storyboarding! He previously worked at Pixar and now works at LOLApps making gorgeous art for Ravenskye City. Check out his site, and his educational, family-owned Sienna Ranch: Glenn will be selling his new book, Paper Sword (which debuted at Trickster around SDCC 2011) and LOL, Coffee Break (a compilation he did with his co-worker pals at LOLApps!).

"Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those eyes?"

So come visit us this weekend! I'll have a couple of prints to sell, although the bulk of my latest work will be going into a book which will be debuting at CTN this November in Burbank! I haven't tabled at CTN before and I'm extremely excited!

By the way, for those of you who'd like a 10% discount on the CTN tickets, feel free to use my code: TSAGENX11 when you Register! ^__^

Hope to see you there!

Thanks to all those who stopped by at APE today! It was a very good first day, as I got to see old friends and new, even those I hadn't seen for years since Academy days! Thanks to friends who came by and hung with me at the booth to chat and catch up even for a bit, for Glenn's wife who made awesome bacon veggie wraps and brought us much-needed food (at the booth you don't realize how hungry you are until you start eating--and then you wolf it down with tears streaming down your face as if you hadn't eaten for weeks) and to Mike for driving all the way back home to get the box of prints I stupidly forgot this morning! And of course, to Glenn and Chris for being awesome company! ^__^