Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bad Link!

I finally got a chance to wrangle some old drawings together to make a post!

This is part of an art trade I did with my friend, Alex Ahad. In return, he did an awesome rendition of Soul & Maka from one of my favorite anime series, Soul Eater, which I'll scan and post later. He requested a pic of Link and Midna. While Midna rides Link, you can press the "A" button in the Wii-mote to make Link sniff.
Just sketching things out on paper.

Assassin's Creed Comics

A couple of Assassin's Creed comics that never survived but a few pages. The second comic is the beginning of a series that Joe and I created--the story of Smokey, Altaire's legendary goofball of a horse, inspired by the actual antics we encountered in-game.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Animals

Just updated some of my ol' animal sketches from an older post.

The Art of War

One of my two thesis animations, The Art of War, is a short animated film involving Bane Wulfe and Fenrhis dueling to win over the heart of a girl, each equipped with a paintbrush that brings its artwork to life. This is a comedy based on a fantasy of mine that I've always had as a little kid. There is no dialogue, and it is set to Natalie MacMaster's energetic Celtic rendition of "The Beaumont Rag."


This is a commission for a Decathlon T-Shirt. I was to update the mascot in my own style and keep a similar layout from the original shirts. Here is the final work: ...And some character studies.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Islands in the Sky Launched at Wondercon '09!

Hey Guys!

Sorry I've been gone for so long. I've been incredibly busy working on our new comic, Islands in the Sky, for 9 months. Actually it's been 2 years in the making before it evolved into a comic. Joe and I have been working really hard on the project at the same time handling my work at EA, so I'm very sorry that I haven't been able to reply back to your emails and comments in a while.

Well it's finally launched! Check out our new site:
Islands in the Sky

I'm happy to say it was an unexpected success! Thank you so much for all of you who came to visit our booth. Now that the craziness is over it looks like I'll be busy catching up with things at work and the after effects of the Con. After that, I'll be updating our webcomic, playing my backlog of video games, anime and manga, and of course, updating my friggin' blog more often! XD

Thanks! ^__^