Friday, August 14, 2009

MySims Agents Art

I love being on the MySims team and I'm really happy to have been able to design so many characters for the game. Now that MySims Agents is coming out on Sept. 29th, I would like to share some of my concept art. It's funny to see the difference between when I first started on the team and how I currently draw the characters because at first, I didn't get the proportions quite right. Now that I'm more comfortable and familiar with the style, I can see the difference...

A poster of all the NPC icons you will encounter in the game as you talk to characters.
Various Yeti concepts

Color test
The version of the Yeti they used in game.

One of my favorite designs - Luke
Gabby's wall eyed dog, Grit
Madame Zoe
Poppy's Dog, Dogwood
Chaz & Tim
These are designs for some CAS outfits you can unlock in the game...

Steampunk gear

Preston in a Yeti suit.
Skip Rogers
Gothboy Version 1
Gothboy Version 2
Professor Nova Concepts
Morcubus, the main villain
Magellan the lemur
Zombie Carl
Violet - early concept
They ended up using a simpler design of Violet so I used her detailed version to make a Geisha outfit you can unlock.
Buddy Outfits - Before & After
Here are some of the characters in-game so you can see how the 3D modelers brought the characters to life from 2D to 3D. My friends, Serv, Robert, Paul and Kampol modeled the NPCs while Ethan and the outsourcing group worked on CAS. I think they all did an awesome job modeling, rigging, texturing and lighting the models. To see more characters, go to the MySims Agents Official Site.