Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween! Purrcasso, Commission List & Other Updates...

Hey Guys!

Wow, this blog has been kinda neglected, hasn't it... Sorry about that! Here's a little sketch I did during APE 2010. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by our "Islands in the Sky" booth this year!


Here is a piece I donated for Purrcasso, a silent auction gallery to raise money for the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society.

"Calico's Hunt"

Information about Purrcasso!
The fifth annual Purrcasso will take place Saturday, November 6th and Sunday, November 7th, 2010.
Please join us Saturday night for a silent auction and art sale, complete with live music, entertainment, and mingling with artists.
On Sunday, we will be offering lots of fabulous handmade crafts for pets and pet lovers in addition to beautiful art featuring cats and dogs.
2865 Seventh Street (at Heinz)
Berkeley, CA

A little piece called "Lagoon" that I sketched up while learning watercolors:


Commissions in Progress!!

I greatly apologize for the huge delays in getting all your commissions done and/or mailed out! m(-_-)m Please try to bear with me a little longer as things have been crazy hectic for me lately but please know I haven't forgotten about you!! I've decided to make this list (in no particular order) and once I send a piece out, I will keep you guys updated! ^__^; That said, for anyone else inquiring about future commissions, I won't be taking any more until I've assured that every person on this list gets their commission!

Tony G. - Done & Sent
Robert J. - Done & Sent
Juan R. - Done & Sent
Ryan S. - Done & Sent
Mike V. - Done & Sent
Toby - In Progress
Mike U. - In Progress
Rich - In Progress
Stephen - In Queue
Kiyoshi - In Queue
Tu - In Queue
Alex - In Queue
Evon - In Queue
Norm - In Queue

Quick Sketch at the Foster City Dog Park. More of these soon!

Some storytelling exercises...


Here is a sketch about getting ready in the morning:

 This one's about a cocktail party; the caption is: "You're a pig!"

"Backseat Gamer." The guy is lazily using a candy bar to mimic a Wii-mote to explain how to beat a level in the game.

Watching the giant wood grubs episode of "Man VS Wild" does not mix well with dinner!

 "Weiner Dog Envy" Haha!

I may use this idea for my new portfolio website:

I don't think I've shared this yet, but it is a collection of MySims Sky Heroes concept art for the game that just released recently.

And some Morgan art from MySims Agents 2, a sequel that was never released.

Thanks everyone!