Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Lil' Update of Random Stuff!

Hey Guys!
Still pretty busy these days on a few big, exciting projects! But I wanted to post some stuff I've been up to in the past! :D

Running With Friends

I designed the bulls and the splash poster for this game as well as the storyboards for the FTUE. The main kid from Hanging with Friends was a pre-existing character but I changed him up a bit along with his friends. The game is currently released in Canada and will soon launch internationally!

{UPDATE 5/17: Running with Friends is now out! Check it out at the iTunes App Store HERE!}
Below, I had the pleasure of working with my brilliant co-worker, Ian Graham, on this idea for an endless flyer. He even built a working prototype of the game! Because the idea inherently involved traveling between flying islands and dragons, I couldn't help but give the chibi characters a bit of my ol' Kayli/Gordo flair! X3
Some creature and character doodles.
Some ideas for a friend's Wing Chun class mascot.
An old unfinished sketch done for The Ville splash screen.
Hope you like! ^__^