Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Techies VS Jakiro: New *BOOM!* Festival

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been updating in a while but I hope you all are enjoying the new year so far! I wanted to share my submission for New Bloom 2015—lovingly dubbed “Techies VS Jakiro: New *BOOM* Festival”!

I’m hoping this will be accepted as a 16:9 Dota 2 Loading Screen:

UPDATE!! You can now get this as a poster-sized Art Print through WeLoveFine! :D

I owe a huge thank you to my friends who’ve given me incredibly helpful feedback on this piece, as well as to those who’ve favorited, voted for, and shared my work—to all of you, I’m SO grateful for your support, it really means a ton!! 

I wanted this scene to evoke a feeling of fun, high-tailed adventure that a lot of 80’s movie chase scenes do so well—like in Goonies or Indiana Jones or many early Disney or Don Bluth animated films—I hoped to convey a bit of silliness mixed in with serious danger. I’ll most more details behind this piece later. Plus, Techies have some great personality in their voices and their model; they’re very cartoony, which I always enjoy. (Plus, my little obsession over Timbersaw has branched out to being partial to all goblins in general! XD)

And for those who haven’t yet, please take a peek in the Steam Workshop above when you have a chance and vote for which version you’d like to see happen (or both!). ^__^

Thanks again!


M. Proszowska said...

this is amazing! I'm so happy to see so good art in Dota Workshop! Hope it will get in to the game for Bew Bloom !

etbryan said...

The perfect is the enemy of the good. Your work has a sense of fun and creativity. IMO you shouldn't kill it by making it "perfect".

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