Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time

Hey Guys!
I've been so busy with work and moving and all this house stuff that I hadn't had a chance to make this huge update. I worked on Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time back in the Sanzaru days and it finally released Feb 5th! This is a late update but I just wanted to share some Carmelita concepts I did. The direction was to “age her up” and make the game for older, adult audiences.
Some Dimitri concepts for Sly Cooper 4! I had a lot of fun redesigning him and exploring the possibilities. I was really happy that a lot of my updates to his original look were approved!
There are a ton more concepts I did that I want to share so I'll post little by little. To give you an idea of all the details we went into the game, here are some fish concepts I did that you may able to find swimming around in the fishing caves!
More to come soon!! ^___^


Zav said...

That's a real update :3

jon puga said...

Amazing creative work!!

Sparky said...

Good to hear from you! As usual, awesome work. Fox looks amazing, especially the red dress and the third "cop" look. But what gets me the most is your sketches with notes. So much thought and debate into each line...

I suppose Sly is now NSFK (Not Safe For Kids) now. Interesting :-)

Amazing work on the Lionfish. Awesome colors. Looking forward to more.

I selfishly hope you get a call for the next Ratchet and Clank game, I'd love to see your work on that.


Genevieve Tsai said...

Zav and Jon - Thank you both so much, I really appreciate the enthusiasm and kind words! Glad you enjoy these latest pieces. ^_^

Sparky - Good to hear from you again, your comments are always so nice, thank you for them! Sly is still for kids, and ultimately they pushed for more of the original look, which keeps fans happy. But yeah some of these concepts of Carmelita are catered to older audiences, lol! I'm happy you noticed all the little notes. And yes it would be amazing if I got to work on the next Ratchet and Clank!! ^_^ Thank you again!

Abraham Evensen Tena said...

Such an inspiration! The character development is both fun and empathetic. I learn a lot from looking at your work. Thank you so much for sharing it :D

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