Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sly 4: Brave Sir Robin!

Before there was Sir Galleth, there was Sir Robin. These are the original banners I did for the circus tent before the character was changed to Sir Galleth. The story behind this was that Sir Robin was held prisoner and is forced to go through horrible circus acts as torture. I wanted to give these banners a dark, humorous spin on family-friendly entertainment ads.

I’ve shared a large, detailed shot of the bottom concept so you can see the silly-yet-hellish living quarters Robin was confined to and how pathetic and miserable he was. Let us laugh at his plight! XD~Genevieve


Michael said...

Wonderful posters. And I love the quarters for Robin/Galleth. Not very modest.

Genevieve Tsai said...

Michael - Thank you so much! Hahah, yeah coming up with Robin's quarters was a lot of fun, I was smiling the whole time while drawing him in different poses, especially when he's got his face completely flat on the table with an ale in one hand! XD

Anonymous said...

thanks for share...

Jaga/Janka Hobbita said...

I prefer sir Galleth, but I like this too.

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