Friday, March 01, 2013

Thank You To All the Sly Fans and Friends and Followers of my Tumblr and Blog! ^__^

Hey Guys!

I’ve been super busy with work and hadn’t had a chance to post lately! I just wanted to take a moment to say how wonderful you guys have made me feel--thank you so much for all the Likes, Comments that have made me smile, and for enjoying my work enough to Follow me on Tumblr and Blogspot. You guys are THE BEST!!! ^___^

Now on to the update, hehe! This isn’t in any sort of order, but here are some of my super rough sketches of story beats that were loosely happening throughout Sly 4. I say ‘loosely’ because we had to get these done super fast and early on in the production stage… even before I knew how the villains would really be defeated (Mrs. Decibel rolled up in a rug; The Grizz crushed by a rock). The sketch of Bob Cooper was done way before we ever started the Ice Age level (I didn’t even know his name was going to be Bob let alone what he looked like, lol)! I just remember thinking, ‘Prehistoric Sly = giant sabertooth neanderthal raccoon??’ These were fun, though!

~ ~ ~
Some have requested that I post more characters, and in particular, Penelope! So here are my Penelope concepts!

 ~ ~ ~
For Anon and a few of those who requested Geisha Banners, here are some (some borderline NSFW?) geisha banner designs I concepted out!
~ ~ ~
I forgot to post these SUPER early rough concepts of Carmelita with the other bunch. Just playing with hairstyles, faces and clothing for her.

~ ~ ~
On the topic of mice, I’ve also included some Mouse Trooper sketches...
~ ~ ~
Some drawings of Sir Galleth I did for Ghostbot’s Flash cinematic cut-scenes.

~ ~ ~
Some Giant Salamander statue designs, a cobra found in Arabia, and some sketches of the giant fish tank, playing with types of fish and having fun with Sly and Murray’s crazy antics! ^__^

~ ~ ~
Another Geisha house mural, a Rioichi and Tennessee Kid Cooper design for the Flash cinematics, some bdesigns, Sumo Cat obstacle designs, signs around the Japan village (my personal fav is the barbershop sign!)

~ ~ ~
A fountain concept for the Japan level and some funny medieval torture devices.



Sparky said...

These are great! Miso Horny had me rolling. She is now my new favorite dirty joke of the year!


Anonymous said...

Big Sly 4 fan, but stumbled over your blog by accident! And what a glorious accident! Another blog in my favorites folder! Keep being astonishing!

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